Ricky Maynard

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Ricky Maynard - BLACK Ricky Maynard - A Survey Ricky Maynard - Saddened Were the Hearts of Many Men Ricky Maynard - Returning to Places that Name Us - 
Portrait of a Distand Land
9 February to 2 March 2018
Ricky Maynard - A Survey
7 to 24 April 2017
Saddened Were the Hearts of Many Men
11 October 2015
Returning to Places that Name Us
Portrait of a Distand Land
05 to 30 November 2010
Ricky Maynard - 2010 Preview & Honours Award      
2010 Preview & Honours Award
3 February to 2 March 2010

Ricky Maynard is a leading Indigenous photographer who lives and works on Flinders Island in the Bass Strait between Tasmania and the Australian mainland.

Since the late 1980s he has documented his people, from the renowned series The Moonbird People (1985-1988) which depicts a Tasmanian Aboriginal community during the annual mutton-bird season, to No More Than What You See (1993) which documented Indigenous people incarcerated in the South Australian prison system. The photo series Urban Diary (1997) captures the urban experience of Aboriginal people living in St Kilda, Melbourne and he portrays Wik Elders from Queensland in Returning to Places that Name Us (2000/01).

Closer to home, In the Footsteps of Others (2003) documents important cultural sites for his people, the Big River and Ben Lomond tribes on the north east coast of Tasmania. In addition, Portrait of a Distant Land (2005/08) looks at the people and landscapes of the Bass Strait islands.

Ricky Maynard is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, including the Mother Jones International Documentary Award (1994), an Australian Human Rights Award (1997) and The Kate Challis RAKA Award (2003).