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Mish Meijers is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice experiments in surface tensions: how one material conforms or abrades against the matter of another. Whether in actuality, or within conceptual content, she distorts the inherent worth and significance of her objects with regard to popular culture, gender determination and functionality, in an alchemic and at times discordant sensibility.

Meijers uses installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, digital media, performance, and ceramics to translate and communicate her current concerns and interests.

She divides her time between a solo and a collaborative practice. The Collector Project in its tenth year is with artist Tricky Walsh and is based on a fictional character Henri Papin.

Meijers has been a finalist in the following; Fishers Ghost art prize, Hobart Art Prize, The Substation Prize, The Paul Guest drawing prize, Tidal, The Churchie Prize and the Glover prize. She has been a recipient of numerous  Australia Council and Arts Tasmania grants.

She has exhibited widely in Australia in various exhibition structures that include artist run initiative galleries, public and commercial galleries. She has held residencies and exhibited in New York, Indonesia and in Paris. She was awarded a Qantas Foundation Art Encouragement award and was commissioned by Gertrude Contemporary Gallery, Monash University Museum of Art and Detached Cultural Organisation to make new works for the Collector project. Meijers work is held in public and private collections.

Mish Meijers Mish Meijers Mish Meijers Mish Meijers
Mish Meijers

Mish Meijers


Mish Meijers
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